Helena in All's Well That Ends Well, directed by Simon Godwin, BAC, Bath Royal and UK tour.

'He (Simon Godwin) surely could not have found anyone better than Rosanna Lowe as his Helena, however. Lowe is a potentially first-rate Shakespearean actress with an expressive face and the rare ability to make every line sound as if she has just thought of it and make perfect sense.' (Lyn Gardner, The Guardian)

Eurydice in Eurydice, directed by Simon Godwin - BAC.

'The play is, after all, entitled Eurydice rather than Orpheus, and Godwin, Rosanna Lowe and Ian Targett all understand that this is where its centre lies. Targett's Orpheus is engaging and natural, but it is the warm, organic fluidity of Lowe's performance as Eurydice which informs the production.'  (Ian Shuttleworth, Financial Times)

Other performance work has included:

Role                           Production                                Venue                                             Director

Puck                         A Midsummer Night’s Dream       UK/European tour                           Rosanna Lowe

Nina                         The Seagull                                  Cambridge Festival Theatre            Simon Godwin

Various                    Victory Over The Sun                   The Barbican, BITE festival              Julia Hollander

Che                          Nanna’s Nightingale                     Northampton Theatres tour             Simon Godwin

Hermes/Persephone  Hairy Tales                                 TIE tour                                         Bibi Jacob/R Lowe

Stickleback               Pond Life                                      Pleasance, Edinburgh                        Paul King

The Bag Lady           Going Up                                      Pleasance, Edinburgh, NSTC            Laurie Sansom

Emilia                       Othello                                           European tour                                  Rupert Goold

Rosalind                   As You Like It                                 U.S. tour                                           Tom Guard

The Monster             Frankenstein                               Cambridge Science Museum            Jon Lloyd           

Ebea                         Tamburlaine                                  Cambridge Arts Theatre                    Tim Supple

Wendy                      Peter Pan                                      BATS theatre                                     Dylan Ritson

Celia                         As You Like It                                European tour                                    Emily Gray